Harvest Presbyterian Church PCA

We Are A Presbyterian Church (PCA), Located in Lancaster, PA

God created us to be united to Jesus Christ in a living relationship just like a branch in a vine. Only in this way can we know the purpose for our lives -- bearing spiritual fruit. This means growing in a deep heart knowledge of God, becoming more like Jesus, and extending his transforming kingdom into our community and world.

Knowing God delivers the fulfillment and joy which otherwise eludes us. Becoming more like Jesus means to become truly human. Extending Christ's kingdom into our world involves being a vital part of a loving community and helping others become part of it. In this way, God is magnified and our joy is made full. To settle for anything else is to settle for less and miss the purpose for our lives!

Maybe you are new to the Christian faith. Or maybe you are trying to figure out what it's all about. Perhaps you have known Jesus Christ for some time. Whoever you are or whatever your circumstances, we invite you to come, explore, and grow with us in bearing a harvest of fruit for the glory of God.

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