Our Connections

While Harvest Presbyterian Church is self-governing, we also believe that church life functions best in an accountability relationship with other congregations of like faith and practice. Harvest is a member of the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA). Formed in 1973, the PCA is committed to being faithful to the Scriptures, true to the Reformed Faith, and obedient to the Great Commission. Our denomination is very active in planting churches in the United States and other countries around the world. The PCA possesses the largest missionary force of any Presbyterian denomination in the Western World.

Our form of church government is Presbyterian, or representative. Locally each church is governed by a Board of Elders (or Session) elected by that congregation. The Session gives overall leadership to the congregation, oversees the ministries of the church, and provides pastoral care for the members. A Board of Deacons, also elected by the congregation, assists the elders by focusing on ministries of mercy, fellowship, care of property, and stewardship. Our church expresses its union with Christ and his people by maintaining a strong connection to its sister congregations regionally and nationally.

Other PCA Churches in this area

Wheatland Presbyterian Church Columbia Ave. Lancaster, PA

Westminster Presbyterian Church Oregon Pike, Lancaster, PA

Faith Reformed Presbyterian Church Quarryville, PA