Harvest Church Missions Ministry

Our Purpose and Mission

Our Purpose 
Our purpose is to glorify God by being a community of fruitful disciples of Jesus Christ who are growing in a heart knowledge of God, being renewed in Jesus' likeness, and extending his transforming kingdom into our community and world.

Our Mission 
In order to fulfill our purpose, we have established the following objectives from God's Word, the Bible.

  1. To preach and teach God's Word. The Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments are the very authoritative Word of God. They are fully trustworthy and absolutely true in every respect. God's Word is the primary means that the Holy Spirit uses to save the lost through faith in Jesus Christ and to equip God's people to do his work. The Bible reveals the gospel or "good news." It tells us that God reconciles disobedient people to himself through Jesus Christ, his Son. The gospel says that we are so sinful and helpless that only the life and death of Jesus Christ can save us. But it also says that those who trust in Christ's works instead of their own efforts receive a new life. The Bible, however, does more than bring people to faith in Jesus Christ; it also helps them to grow in God's grace.
  2. To worship God. The worship of God is our first priority and greatest privilege. The gospel frees us to center our lives on God (as we were created to do) and delight in pleasing him rather than living merely for things, others, and ourselves. The content for our worship is the Bible, the goal of our worship is to give praise to God, and the basis for our worship is the saving work of Jesus Christ. Worship that communicates God's Word, glorifies God, and confesses Christ is both reverent and joyful.
  3. To grow through fellowship. Christianity is not a solitary belief system. God created us for community. The heart of sin is individual autonomy without interpersonal responsibility. This leads to aloneness, alienation, and a destructive lifestyle. But God, in the gospel, lovingly calls the rebellious into fellowship with himself. He also calls us into fellowship with each other by uniting us as significant members of one spiritual body. We are to express this union by serving one another in love. The body of Christ needs you. You need the body of Christ. We want to integrate the members of Harvest church into Covenant Groups, Bible studies, and other groups so that personal needs can be met and one's gifts can be exercised.
  4. To care for God's people. The church is the people of God redeemed by the blood of his beloved Son, Jesus Christ, and therefore precious to him. The pastor and elders believe it is their responsibility to help ensure that loving pastoral care is provided for each member of the church family.
  5. To think and act biblically. Jesus never minimized the difficulty of following him. The only true motivation for doing so must be a deep heart understanding of God's mercy to us at his Son's expense. The gospel tells us that we are more sinful than we dared believe but more loved and accepted in Christ than we dared hope. This truth liberates us from self-righteousness on the one hand and self-condemnation on the other. Within a relationship of perfect acceptance by God and having our hearts renewed by the Holy Spirit, we are enabled to serve him not simply out of duty but out of love and hope and joy. Essential to living in this way is the transformation of our minds by the Holy Spirit working through God's Word. We strive to provide an effective Christian education program to help disciple the congregation at every age level.
  6. To serve with compassion. Jesus taught that deeds of compassion are the evidence and fruit of a true and living faith. The love we have received from him compels us to meet human needs with compassionate words and deeds. We joyfully invite all to faith in Jesus Christ. We seek to serve our neighbors graciously whether they believe as we do or not.
  7. To reach our world with the gospel. Jesus commissioned and commanded the church to share the good news about him with the world. We desire to extend the transforming presence of his kingdom into our community and world. We are committed to going personally, supporting others who have gone, and partnering to plant churches regionally and in other parts of the world. As a means of keeping these priorities regularly before us, we devote the Sunday School hour of each third Sunday to visits and reports by missionaries who are serving Christ in ministries around the world.